Oak Run Farm's Belted Galloway Cattle

Oak Run Farm has built a herd of registered Belted Galloway beef and

show cattle using only the best and most prominent bloodlines in the breed.

Particular attention is paid to the conformation and temperament

of any animal to be used in our breeding program.

Our Cows

Sunnybrook Lacey

2011 Reserve Champion Heifer – World Beef Expo

2011 Reserve Show Female of the Year

DOB: 07/04/10 Tattoo: SBF6X
BW: 70 WW: 430


Lacey is an elegant cow with an impressive show record, and is continuing her legacy by

producing outstanding show quality calves for Oak Run Farm.


                             Marben’s Lochinvar

Southdown Unique 9U -                                    

                                         Southdown Phoebe 42P


                                         Southdown Holbrook Lionel (AI) (ET)

Southdown Rhythm 22R -                                     

                                         Aldermere Nell II

Ridgeview Lexus

2010 National Champion – Late 2 year old heifer - NAILE
2010 Grand Champion Belted Galloway Female – North Carolina State Fair


DOB: 05/02/08 Tattoo: RV3U

                                             Burnside David

Northfield Donald -

                                             Shiralee Jezabell


                                             Shiralee Moonshine (AI) (ET)

Du Rapide Gina 27G (AI) (ET) -

                                             Au Domaine Wyn 2D


Lexus represents a diverse genetic package with some of the greatest bloodlines

in the breed; gathered from international sources.
She has produced top quality and classy individuals, one of which was a top seller at the NAILE sale.

Lexus' 2016 bull calf by our herdsire is available.

Oak Run Buttercup


DOB: 4/28/2013 Tattoo MNH 7A


                                                RIDGEVIEW NIGEL (AI)


                                                BEAVER DAM COLLY 549 (ET)  


                                                FEARRINGTON VORTEX (AI)  


                                                FEARRINGTON WINDY MAY (AI) 


Buttercup is a nicely-framed young heifer with well-respected Ridgeview and Fearrington bloodlines.

Her first calf is a well-marked and handsome bull by our herdsire, Oak Run Ottomatic.

Our Herdsire



DOB: 9/26/2012, TATTOO MNH 2Z

                                   BUR-MER BORIS


                            HIGHLAND FARM LOUISE


                                 MARBEN'S LOCHINVAR


                           SOUTHDOWN EARS


Sired by the legendary Highland Farm Otto, Oak Run Ottomatic is a massive and powerful individual, whose female get are refined and elegant, and whose bull calves are stamped with their sire's handsome features.

An extremely docile and easy to handle bull, Ottomatic's get are excellent show or breeding prospects - the result of one of the most successful male lines in the breed.

Our Calves
 Our breeding program has produced some of the top sellers in the annual NAILE sale held each year in Louisville, KY,
as well as top quality show and breeding animals sold to buyers in various areas of the U.S.